Public Aid (also known as Medical Card, Medicaid, All Kids and Tarjeta Medica) is a state funded program that offers public assistance for children residing in Illinois that are in need of healthcare, dental care, oral surgery (including wisdom tooth extractions) and orthodontic treatment with braces. It can be very difficult to find an experienced dentist or orthodontist that accepts Medicaid coverage in Illinois and does put a limit on the number of Illinois Medicaid patients they will provide care for. Many Medicaid orthodontists and dentists will say that they accept Public Aid for orthodontics treatment with braces, but actually limit the number of patient accepted or the types of services they will offer to patients with Medicaid coverage in Illinois.

Public Aid Orthodontics is a division of Den-Care Smile Center and is proud to be a premier provider of oral surgery, general dentistry, and orthodontic treatment with braces for children covered by the Medicaid in Illinois.

Unlike these other Public Aid orthodontists, dentists and dental clinics, Den-Care Smile Center does not limit the number of Public Aid, Medicaid, All Kids or Medical card patients that they accept. They do their best to accept every patient with Public Aid dental coverage and provide the quality care you expect and deserve.

Are Braces Covered by Public Aid in Illinois?

Although orthodontic treatment with braces is a covered service on Illinois Public Aid, not all children on Public Aid will qualify or be approved by the State of Illinois Public Aid administrators for braces.

Approval of orthodontic treatment in Illinois will depend on variety factors such as the age of the patient, current oral health condition and the type of orthodontic treatment required. There are also age requirements for children and individuals (between 5 and 21 years of age) in order to be considered for certain dental services which are considered to be “orthodontics”.

Not every child covered under the state Public Aid program will qualify for orthodontic treatment with braces. The State of Illinois Public Aid (Public Aid, Medical Card, Tarjeta Medica, All Kids) administrators will review and decide whether or not your child will qualify for braces coverage. Only after pre-approval from the State of Illinois is confirmed can orthodontic treatment can begin.

We have an experienced team of dental health professionals that are approved, licensed Illinois providers of orthodontic treatment with braces, and we accept Medical Card, Medicaid, Public Aid, and Tarjeta Medica coverage as well as most other dental insurance plans.

When considering orthodontic treatment with braces for your child, there are certain key factors that you should consider. Take the time to research and find the best Public Aid braces provider in your geographic area, and look for an orthodontist or dentist that accepts all patients with Public Aid, Medicaid, Tarjeta Medica, and Medical Card insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment with braces in Illinois, not just a select few based on their guidelines. It may prove to be the difference between achieving the results that you are satisfied with and a smile that may haunt you child for years to come.

We feel that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. We know that affordability is a very important consideration and a top priority for your family. That’s why we strive to keep our fees as low as possible while preserving the quality service you expect and deserve.

For those patient looking for a budget-friendly alternative to traditional dental and orthodontic care We offer a discount dental plan and affordable payment options because we truly feel that finances should not keep you from making the right oral health care decisions.

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Does Illinois Public Aid Coverage Pay for Children’s Braces?

Public Aid in Illinois (also known as Medicaid, Medical Card, Tarjeta Medica, and All Kids) is a form of medical and dental coverage available to low income families and individuals. The State of Illinois provides funding to ensure that all qualified families with lesser income and other individuals in Illinois have access to medical, and dental care, including orthodontic treatment with braces.

Currently, the State of Illinois funded Public Aid program provides for orthodontic treatment with braces and general dental care for children and individuals in Illinois that qualify. This program is meant to provide specific health and dental care coverage and may assist in paying for dental braces, orthodontic treatment, and orthodontist fees for children residing in the State of Illinois.

Each patient must be pre-approved before orthodontic treatment can begin and only children with severe needs will qualify for orthodontic treatment and braces. Your child must qualify before orthodontia is covered by Public Aid in Illinois.

Who can qualify for Public Aid orthodontic (braces) benefits in Illinois?

Children of low income families in all Illinois counties including Cook County, Dupage County, McHenry County and Lake County as well as the surrounding communities Antioch, Arlington Heights, Beach Park, Chicago, Cook County, Des Plaines, DuPage County, Elk Grove Village, Evanston, Fox Lake, Gages Lake, Grayslake, Great Lakes, Gurnee, Hainsville, Highwood, Island Lake, Johnsburg, Lake Bluff, Lake County, Lake Forest, Lake Villa, Lake Zurich, Lakemoor, Libertyville, Lindenhurst, McHenry, Mount Prospect, Mundelein, North Chicago, Palatine, Park City, Rolling Meadows, Round Lake, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Heights, Round Lake Park, Schaumburg, Skokie, Spring Grove, Vernon Hills, Wadsworth, Waukegan, Wheeling, Winthrop Harbor, and Zion can qualify for orthodontic treatment and braces on the Public Aid program.

For a complete list of Illinois cities, towns and counties where we provide orthodontic treatment with braces for children on Public Aid in Illinois, please visit our Service Areas page.

If my child has been accepted into the Public Aid program, does this mean that they qualify for orthodontic treatment with braces?

Not necessarily. If your child qualifies for Public Aid in Illinois (21 years and under), the program provides dental coverage for exams, cleanings, fluoride, sealants, fillings, root canals and other common dental procedures. Each patient must be pre-approved before orthodontic treatment can begin and only children with severe needs will qualify for orthodontic treatment and braces. Your child must qualify before orthodontia is covered by Public Aid in Illinois.

How will I know if my child qualifies for orthodontic treatment with braces?

After your child’s initial orthodontic evaluation examination, we will submit the exams results to Public Aid for review. The process of reviewing and evaluating of the submitted exam files can take up to 4 weeks and the review process is carried out by administrators of the Illinois Public Aid program.

Once reviewed and a determination made, you will be contacted by a staff member from Den-Care Smile Center and they will let you know if approval for orthodontic treatment with braces has been granted. Once approval has been provided, orthodontic treatment can begin

What if my child does not qualify for orthodontic treatment with braces with the Illinois Public Aid program?

In the event your child is not qualified or has not been approved for braces and orthodontic treatment with the Medical Card, Medicaid, Public Aid or All Kids program, Den-Care Smile Centre will work with you and provide appropriate treatment choices along with affordable payment options that will fit your family’s budget.

There is no cost to you for our FREE Illinois Public Aid Orthodontic (Braces) Consultation.

At PublicAidOrthodontics.com our primary goal is to provide you with the best orthodontic treatment with braces for children covered by Public Aid (Medicaid, Medical Card, All Kids, Tarjeta Medica) in Illinois.

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